Plastic Bunded Oil Tanks

Plastic Bunded Oil and fuel tanks from RPM Fuels & Tanks. We have a great range ready for immediate delivery from Harlequin to Titan.

Diesel Tanks

Highly competitive prices on ALL Harlequin Fuel Point and Fuel Station Diesel Tanks and Titan Fuel Master and Diesel Store Diesel Tanks.

Harlequin HQi Bunded Oil Tanks

The Harlequin HQi range of bunded oil storage tanks are basic bunded oil tanks available at very competitive prices from RPM Fuels & Tanks.

BioDiesel Fuel Stations

A range of Bunded Biodiesel Fuel Stations from RPM Fuels & Tanks with integral biodiesel transfer pumps engineered to exceed the most demanding of fuel storage requirements.

Waste Oil Tanks

Buy from a wide range of Waste Oil Tanks at RPM Fuels and Tanks and all at highly competitive prices. Our products include some great Harlequin tanks specifically engineered for safe waste oil storage.

Non-Potable Water Tanks

We have a great selection of Non-Potable Water Tanks available to buy at great prices, view our range online!

Potable Water Tanks

Buy from a great selection of Potable Water Tanks at PRM Fuels and Tanks. Our prices are highly competitive, view our range today!

BioBund BioDiesel Tanks

A range of Bunded BioBund Biodiesel Tanks from RPM Fuels & Tanks. Can be just as easily used to feed a biodiesel boiler or as a supply tank to a stand alone biodiesel transfer pump.

Domestic Rainwater Harvesting Water Storage Tanks

A great range of Rain Water Harvesting Storage Tanks available at great prices with FREE UK mainland delivery. Call 01473-787787 or order online today!

Plastic Single Skin Oil Storage Tanks

A great range of Plastic Single Skin Oil Tanks primarily for use with home heating oil but they can also be used in commercial installations where a suitable bund area is in place.

Frequently Asked Questions - Plastic TanksView all our FAQs

Is there a difference between the types of tanks?

Yes, there are lots of differences between the types of oil storage tanks and these are also available in a variety of sizes.

Why does the tank base have to measure 300mm around the perimeter of the oil tank?

The fire protection provided by the base is to help prevent the tank itself from becoming overgrown and in turn to help protect against fire spreading across the ground to the contained fuel from a...

What is the life expectancy of an oil storage tank?

Most plastic bunded oil tanks come with a 10 year manufacturers’ warranty and when properly installed and maintained can last for many years beyond its expiration date. Fuel pumping and tank equipm...

If you live in Northern Ireland, new regulations set to take effect on 20th March this year, will make significant changes to both new and existing oil storage installations. Find out more about the New oil storage regulations in Northern Ireland to ensure that you comply.


Plastic Fuel and Water Tanks


We supply plastic tanks from a variety of leading manufacturers including Harlequin and Titan; all of our bunded tanks are fully compliant with the latest UK regulations. We supply a wide range of clients throughout the UK and our plastic tanks include single skin tanks, bunded tanks, oil tanks, fuel tanks plus water storage tanks and are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes.


There is a wide range of different storage tanks available to use made from a variety of modern plastics. Polyethylene storage tanks are by far the most common modern plastic tanks; Tanks made from a high quality polyethylene will be light, cost effective, environmentally friendly, potentially biofuel compatible and corrosive resistant. Plastics will last as long as variants made of other material types. There are also little or no maintenance costs associated with the use of plastic tanks.


We at RPM fuels have a huge range of different plastic tanks from Titan plastic fuel tanks to Harlequin plastic water tanks. Have a look through our range above and contact us on 01473 787787 for a quick quote or order online through our website.



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FAQs - Your questions answered
WHEN SHOULD A SINGLE SKIN OIL TANK NOT BE INSTALLED? Generally a single skin oil tank should NOT be installed when ...
What is OFTEC? OFTEC is an independent body that accesses and certifies engin...
“Just to let you know that I received my oil tank OK. The driver was brilliant. He stayed to help us with the unloading and getting it onto its platform. Your price was very competitive also.”
- Mr. Gareth Morgan
“Thank you for your efficient service both during the sale and delivery and in later sorting out an installation problem. All responses were rapidly made and a pleasant warmth was generated by the professional service.”
- Mr David Norbury