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Apollo Smart Heating Oil Monitor


Apollo Smart Heating Oil Monitor

Apollo Smart Heating Oil Monitor – To monitor heating oil tank content levels, check heating oil consumption, fuel costs and monitor CO2 emissions as well.

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The Apollo Smart Heating Oil Monitor is THE energy monitor for domestic heating oil users looking to not only monitor heating oil tank contents levels but also keep an eye on heating oil consumption, fuel costs and even monitor CO2 emissions as well!


The Apollo Smart comes from the same range of renowned and relaiable oil tank monitors as the Apollo Standard Oil Tank Gauge and the Apollo Visual Oil Tank Gauge. And now The Apollo Smart incorporates a NEW audible anti-theft alarm to help give oil users complete peace of mind.


Consisting of a long life, temperaure resiliant, battery powered transmitter mounted on the oil tank, the Apollo Smart can transmit data up to 150 metres in "clear line-of-site" conditions to a mains powered display in the home or office. It can be installed on any single skin or double skinned (bunded) heating oil tank from 50cm to 3 metres in height.


The Apollo Smart can provide such information as fuel consumption figures by day, week, month or even year, a constant fuel tank level display, inside room temperature plus it has a very handy Days to Empty feature. It also comes with both visual and audible low level alarms to warn heating oil users when their heating oil tank level is getting low. Energy consumption data can also be downloaded from the receiver to almost any PC or computer via USB by using the optional Apollo Smart App. This allows heating oil users the option to analyse heating oil consumption data, allowing them to better understand, control and manage heating oil usage and consumption.


The Apollo Smart is both easy to fit and install and is ideal for heating oil users looking to monitor fuel consumption and keep an eye on heating oil running costs.



  • Not only monitors oil tank contents levels but also:
  • Monitors fuel consumption levels by day, week, month or year
  • Inside room temperature reading
  • Number of days until empty
  • CO2 emission data
  • Both visual & audible Low Level Alarms
  • Optional data transfer to PC for historic energy consumption data
  • Easy to fit and install
  • Suitable for single skin & bunded oil tanks from 0.5m-3.0m in height
  • Can transmit upto 150 metres in "clear-line-of-site" conditions
  • Tank contents readout on tank transmitter assists tanker drivers when re-fuelling
  • Audible anti-theft alarm



These files include useful information regarding the safe installation and operation of our products. Please download and review regularly.

Apollo Smart Installation Guide.pdf
Apollo Smart Product Manual.pdf
Apollo Smart Promotional Leaflet.pdf