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Piusi Cube 70MC


Piusi Cube 70MC

Piusi CUBE 70MC fuel transfer pump – For haulage, construction, commercial & industrial businesses needing a combined diesel pump and fuel management system.

From £1,095.00 + VAT

£1,314.00Inc VAT


Height 341mm
Width 413mm
Depth 500mm
Weight 25 kg


Height 1027mm
Width 413mm
Depth 500mm
Weight 18 kg


The Piusi CUBE 70MC combined fuel pump and fuel management system has been designed and manufactured specifically to cater for the demand for the commercial, diesel user market. It is perfect for the diesel user who needs a compact, diesel fuel dispenser that also incorporates a diesel fuel management system at a cost effective price.


The Piusi Cube 70MC is easy to install and ensures fast and precise diesel dispensing plus it can only be used by authorised personnel, so preventing unautorised drawing of diesel fuel. Available as an upto 50 user or 120 user system this combinded diesel transfer pump and fuel management system can be installed either on to a wall with a wall fixing kit*, directly on to a tank by means of a quick coupling* or on to a pedestal*. The fuel management unit is able to control either up to 50 or 120 users (depending on model) and will only allow access to the system by authorised staff by means of magnetic user keys and PIN numbers.

The Cube 70MC can store data for the last 200 diesel drawings and is able to record the date, time and the amount of diesel drawn. This information can be viewed either at the Cube 70MC screen or it can be downloaded onto a users PC or computer if the optional PC Software Pack is also installed. Information is then transferred from the Cube 70MC by means of a magnetic managers onto a users PC by means of a magnetic managers key reader supplied in the optional PC Software Pack.


In terms of low running costs, compact dimensions and flexibility, together with all-round efficiency, the Piusi Cube 70 MC is a truly unique combined diesel dispenser and fuel management system.


* Supplied seperately


Performance & Specifications:

  • Piuis Cube 70 combinded diesel transfer pump AND Fuesel Management System
  • For use by authorised personnel and staff ONLY
  • Flow rates of up to 70 l/min.
  • For up to 50 users or 120 users depanding on model chosen
  • Fuel cannot be dispensed without code and/or magnetic key
  • 4 metres of diesel hose with auto shut off nozzle
  • Pre-selected fuel dispensing.
  • Accuracy: ± -0.5 % within flow rate range.
  • Local memory capable of storing data for the last 200 deliveries.
  • Can accept vehicle registration numbers and odometer readings.
  • Records date, time and amount of diesel drawn
  • Dedicated software for printouts of dispensing details and individual user summaries.
  • There is an optional specification for magnetic keys for user identification




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