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900 Litre Bunded Fuel Cube Diesel Tank


900 Litre Bunded Fuel Cube Diesel Tank

Bunded Fuel Diesel Tanks – The 900 Litre Mobile Cube Diesel Tank is tough, strong & ideal for plant and machinery operators looking for a compact storage tank.

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The 900 Litre Bunded Fuel Cube meets the most up-to-date  Environment Agency (EA) and OFTEC regulations relating to the storage of diesel fuel in a safe and eco-friendly way. This includes meeting the standards outlined in the Environment Agency's Pollution Prevention Guidelines, PPG2.
In addition to complying with the regulations above,  the 900 Litre Fuel Cube has been  UN Approved so it can transport diesel fuel on main roads safely and in accordance with the law, Standard equipment includes built in generator feed and returns; but for extra flexibility hand or battery operated diesel pumping equipment can be specified as a cost option. All fill point and generator feed and returns, including any diesel dispensing equipment specified, are stored safely inside a strong cabinet with its own lockable and secure  hatch lid. For additional security, the lid features concealed hinges, making it even more difficult to break into the cabinet. The lid also incorporates gas struts for added safety when opening and closing.
The 900 Litre Bunded Fuel Cube is highly durable and is made from a sturdy steel construction so it can withstand tough environments including construction sites. It is designed for ease of use,  with fork lift pockets and tank lifting lugs so it can be moved easily and stacked when not in use. Even when it is full of fuel it can still be safely moved with its tank lifting eyes via a fork lift truck. .
The 900 Litre Bunded Fuel Cube is the perfect choice for those in the  construction or agricultural industries and for plant and machinery operators looking for a close packed  diesel storage tank, with generator feed and returns, that can be used on the main roads.



Capacity (Litres) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Empty Weight (kg) Full Weight (kg)
900 1016 1220 1362 350 1150


  • UN Approved so it can be driven on the highway
  • Solid steel construction
  • Meets EA Pollution Prevention Guidelines - PPG2
  • 900 litre bunded diesel storage capacity
  • Generator supply  and returns
  • All equipment stored in a secure and lockable cabinet
  • Motion control gas springs  on cabinet hinged lid
  • Tank lifting eyes and fork lift pockets for movability
  • Compact diesel storage and dispensing solution


  • GPI HP-100 hand operated diesel pump with hose and a manual trigger
  • 12 or 24 volt diesel transfer pump with diesel delivery hose and a slimline auto shut off nozzle.

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