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1000 Litre Bunded Oil Tank - Harlequin 1000ITE


1000 Litre Bunded Oil Tank - Harlequin 1000ITE

A fully bunded solution, the 1000 Litre Bunded Oil Tank - Harlequin 1000ITE has been engineered to exceed even the most demanding fuel storage requirements.

From £1,050.00 + VAT

£1,260.00Inc VAT


Length 2150mm
Width 710mm
Height 1420mm
Empty Weight 130 kg
Nominal Capacity 1000 Litres
Brimful Capacity 1056 Litres

Product Summary

The Harlequin 1000 ITE/ITT Bunded Heating Oil Tank is a strong, robust solution that has been designed specifically to exceed all current EU and UK oil storage requirements including the Environment Agency Pollution Prevention Guidelines, PPG02.

Designed entirely for the safe storage of home heating oil, it is made from rotational moulded superior grade medium density polyethylene, therefore making it a very durable and good, solid long-term investment.  Specifically designed for use in above ground domestic dwellings it can also be used for the safe storage of fuel oils in agricultural, commercial and light industrial installations.  It comes with a choice of top (ITT) or bottom (ITE) outlet feeds, 2" BSP fill point, lockable 4 inch inspection aperture, Apollo style wireless oil tank gauge, LRC overfill prevention capability plus "THIS TANK IS ALARMED" tank stickers to help keep oil thieves at bay.

All-in-all this 1000 litre bunded heating oil tank from Harlequin is the ideal bunded oil tank for the eco-sound and safe storage of home heating fuel at domestic and commercial properties.


  • 2" BSP lockable fill point with dust cap to prevent particles entering the valve
  • Visible, electronic wireless oil tank gauge can transmit up to 200 metres
  • LRC Failsafe Overfill Prevention Capability for added safety
  • 4” secure lockable inspection slot with plastic 1/4 turn screw cap
  • 2” internal vent
  • Dipstick to check tank contents
  • Fully lockable Manway access hatch
  • ITE Bottom Outlet Bunded Oil Tanks come with 1”BSP bottom outlet and a bottom outlet tank fitting kit
  • ITT Top Outlet Bunded Oil Tanks have the Atkinson 'Tank Top' Top Outlet Feed System as standard, which is made up of a floating suction line, anti-syphon valve, non-return valve, filter with replaceable element, self-priming button, for ease of use, and choice of compression or push fit oil line connections
  • Spin secure external hatch tank lock
  • Harlequin 100db audible alarm lock, for added security
  • Alert system warning of potential oil loss from theft or leakage

Please note that ALL Harlequin iTank Pro Bunded Heating Oil Tanks are strictly for the storage of heating oil. If you are looking for a tank that is also suitable as a gravity feed vehicle fuelling system, see our Harlequin Bunded Fuel Point and Fuel Station Range.



Q. Is there a difference between the types of tanks?

A. Yes, there are lots of differences between the types of oil storage tanks and these are also available in a variety of sizes.

• Single skin tanks (non bunded) are used more in residential situations rather than commercial. However, a bunded version may be required in a residential situation dependant on the results of a risk assessment, to prevent any pollution from occurring.
• A bunded tank is a tank within a tank or a tank surrounded by a protective wall. Bunded tanks are used to prevent pollution and accidental spillage, containing any leaks within the second tank. Normally used in commercial surroundings.
• Double skinned tanks are like bunded tanks, but possess two protective walls with a small gap between.

Q. Why does the tank base have to measure 300mm around the perimeter of the oil tank?

A. The fire protection provided by the base is to help prevent the tank itself from becoming overgrown and in turn to help protect against fire spreading across the ground to the contained fuel from another source. If the tank is raised on piers, the platform supporting the tank should be sized to sufficiently support the tank. Reference should be made to the tank manufacturer’s installation instructions.

Q. What is the life expectancy of an oil storage tank?

A. Most plastic bunded oil tanks come with a 10 year manufacturers’ warranty and when properly installed and maintained can last for many years beyond its expiration date. Fuel pumping and tank equipment usually comes with the standard manufacturers 1 year warranty. The tanks that are available at RPM Fuels and Tanks are constructed using the best base materials and the most reliable fittings to ensure you’re provided with the best possible oil storage solution.

These files include useful information regarding the safe installation and operation of our products. Please download and review regularly.