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Harlequin ORB1400 Waste Oil Tank


Harlequin ORB1400 Waste Oil Tank

The Harlequin ORB1400 Waste Oil Tank is fully bunded offers commercial and agricultural customers the chance to store waste oil in a safe and secure way.

From £985.00 + VAT

£1,182.00Inc VAT



Length 1900mm
Width 1250mm
Height 1540mm
Empty Weight 135 Kg
Capacity 1453 Litres

Product Summary

The Harlequin ORB1400 Waste Oil Tank provides a safe and easy way to store waste oil for industrial, commercial and other common installations. Full bunding is provided as standard to provide a second layer of protection in the event of an inner tank breach. All relevant Environment Agency regulations are exceeded by this tank, including the important Pollution Prevention Guidelines PPG08. The following functionality is provided as standard:
  • Large Capacity Tundish
  • Lockable Lid
  • Removable Strainer
  • Environment Agency Oil Bank Graphics

If you require a hydrostatic contents gauge that provides a continuous gauge of the tank’s contents, this can be ordered at the same time at your Harlequin ORB1400 Waste Oil Tank. Please note, however, that this device cannot be fitted retroactively.




Q. Why does the tank base have to measure 300mm around the perimeter of the oil tank?

A. The fire protection provided by the base is to help prevent the tank itself from becoming overgrown and in turn to help protect against fire spreading across the ground to the contained fuel from another source. If the tank is raised on piers, the platform supporting the tank should be sized to sufficiently support the tank. Reference should be made to the tank manufacturer’s installation instructions.

Q. What fuel types can be stored in Harlequin oil tanks?

A. Harlequin Oil Tanks are suitable only for the storage of:
Kerosene (C1/C2)
Agricultural Fuel Oil (A2)
Diesel (D)
Home Heating Oil
BioDiesel blends manufactured in accordance with the British Standard BS EN14214 / Irish Standard IS EN14214 (BioDiesel with a bio-element not exceeding 5% concentration)
When installing a Harlequin Oil Tank please ensure you follow the supplied instructions and it is installed in accordance with the requirements of the OFTEC Technical Instruction Book 3 and prevailing statutory requirements.

These files include useful information regarding the safe installation and operation of our products. Please download and review regularly.