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Fuel and Petrol Transfer Pumps

Battery Operated Petrol Pumps

A great range of ATEX approved Battery Operated Petrol and Diesel Transfer Pumps from

110-400 Volt Petrol Pumps

A range of mains operated Petrol Transfer Pumps with voltages ranging from 110 volts

A range of ATEX Approved Petrol and Diesel Transfer pumps from quality manufacturers such as Piusi of Italy and Tuthill of America. These fuel transfer pumps are specifically designed and ATEX Approved for the transfer and dispensing of highly flammable fuels with a low flash point, fuels like petrol and kerosene.

Available as a replacement pump only or as complete transfer pump kits these Petrol and Diesel Transfer Pumps can be had in a range of voltages from 12 volts up to 230 volt (single phase) electric.

Pumps like the excellent battery operated Piusi EX50 12 Volt Petrol Transfer Pump or the equally renowned 230 volt, mains operated Fill-Rite 701 Petrol Transfer Pump make up an excellent range of ATEX approved Fuel and Petrol Transfer Pumps.