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Harlequin BB10000ENV BioBund Biodiesel Tank


Harlequin BB10000ENV BioBund Biodiesel Tank

The robust Harlequin BB10000ENV BioBund Biodiesel storage tank is ideal for supplying a fixed installation boiler or a stand alone biodiesel transfer pump.

From £5,955.00 + VAT

£7,146.00Inc VAT


Technical Information:

Length:          3250 mm
Width:      2800 mm
Height:             3350 mm
Weight:             725 kg
Maximum Capacity:   10100 litres
Working Capacity:   9595 litres


The high capacity Harlequin BB10000ENV BioBund Biodiesel Tank is our largest polyethlene bunded biodiesel tank, made specifically for the storage of biodiesel upto B100. Made from tough biodiesel resistant Medium Density Polyethylene this large capacity, robust bunded biodiesel storage tank is ideal for the storage of biodiesel at agricultural, industrial,haulage and commercial premises. The Harlequin BB10000ENV meets or surpasses all the latest oil storage regulations including Oftec's requirements and the Environment Agencies Pollution Prevention Guidelines, PPG02. This bunded biodiesel tank can be used as a fixed installation feeding a biodiesel boiler or as supply tank to a stand alone biodiesel transfer pump dispensing biodiesel in to vehicles and machinery. The Harlequin BB10000ENV comes with:

  • Secure lockable cabinet access containing
  • 2" offset lockable fill point with screw on dust cap plus isolation valve & non-return valve
  • 4" lockable inspection point
  • Internal 2" Biodiesel tank vent
  • Lockable manway access
  • Apollo Standard Oil Tank Gauge
  • Oil tank contents dip stick
  • Built in bund warning alarm
  • LRC Failsafe Overfill Prevention Capability
  • 1" biodiesel top off take with internal downpipe
  • 80 micron biodiesel strainer
  • None-return valve

Please note that ALL Bunded BioDiesel Tanks should be fitted and installed by a trained and competent technician, preferably an OFTEC Registered Technician. Installation and maintenance should be carried out in accordance with the instructions supplied and the latest statutory and legal requirements. To find an Oftec Registered Technician in your area please click HERE and follow the links on the Oftec web site.

RPM Fuels & Tanks will not be responsible for oil tank installations which do not comply with these requirements.

Pricing & Delivery:

Prices quoted include delivery to anywhere on mainland UK and Northern Ireland but excludes offshore islands and locations. Deliveries will be made by articulated lorry and it is the customers responsibility to ensure safe and adequate access plus off loading. Off loading of heavy items should be made by fork lift or similar heavy lifting equipment. If there is any doubt about delivery access or off loading please contact us to discuss the options available. Please allow a minimum of 10 working days for delivery


Q. Is there a difference between the types of tanks?

A. Yes, there are lots of differences between the types of oil storage tanks and these are also available in a variety of sizes.

• Single skin tanks (non bunded) are used more in residential situations rather than commercial. However, a bunded version may be required in a residential situation dependant on the results of a risk assessment, to prevent any pollution from occurring.
• A bunded tank is a tank within a tank or a tank surrounded by a protective wall. Bunded tanks are used to prevent pollution and accidental spillage, containing any leaks within the second tank. Normally used in commercial surroundings.
• Double skinned tanks are like bunded tanks, but possess two protective walls with a small gap between.

Q. Why does the tank base have to measure 300mm around the perimeter of the oil tank?

A. The fire protection provided by the base is to help prevent the tank itself from becoming overgrown and in turn to help protect against fire spreading across the ground to the contained fuel from another source. If the tank is raised on piers, the platform supporting the tank should be sized to sufficiently support the tank. Reference should be made to the tank manufacturer’s installation instructions.

These files include useful information regarding the safe installation and operation of our products. Please download and review regularly.