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Harlequin 2500SLFP Slimline Bunded Fuel Point


Harlequin 2500SLFP Slimline Bunded Fuel Point

The Harlequin 2500SLFP Slimline Bunded Fuel Point is ideal for storing diesel safely on a budget at commercial, industrial or agricultural premises.

From £1,450.00 + VAT

£1,740.00Inc VAT



Length 2550mm
Width 1385mm
Height 1985mm
Empty Weight 210 kg
Actual Capacity 2538 Litres
Nominal Capacity 2411 Litres

The Harlequin 2500SLFP Slimline Bunded Fuel Point is one of the newest products in the Harlequin range. Manufactured to the same high standards as their Fuel Station range, these Harlequin Bunded Fuel Points are a low cost bunded diesel storage tank that comes complete with a secure, lockable cabinet to help prevent fuel theft. It also includes a 240-volt diesel transfer pump kit, with a 4-metre diesel delivery hose and an auto shut off diesel nozzle as standard.


Being just 1385mm wide, the 2500 SLFP is ideal for commercial, industrial and agricultural diesel users looking to store diesel safely and cheaply, and wanting to avoid a tank that takes up too much space. Very competitively priced, these tanks match or surpass all the latest fuel storage Environment Agency and OFTEC rules and regulations. The 2500SLFP is also an excellent choice for storing and dispensing diesel, gas oil & red diesel of up to B7 Biodiesel content.



  • 4 metres of diesel hose with a nozzle that will shut off automatically when the tank is full
  • 240V, 50Hz Ac Electric Diesel Pump
  • LRC Overfill Prevention Capability so that the tank does not overfill
  • Lockable fill and inspection points
  • Lockable equipment access
  • Tank Vent
  • Tank Contents Dipstick to check diesel levels


  • 10 micron Particulate Fuel Filter to help cut particle contamimation
  • Apollo Electronic Oil Tank Contents Gauge to monitor tank contents
  • Factory fitted Mechanical Flow Meter with Resettable Batch Totaliser to show amount of diesel dispensed


It is a legal requirement that all Harlequin Bunded Fuel Point Diesel Storage and Dispensing Tanks are to be installed by a competent person. It is also important to construct barriers to remove the risk of vehicles colliding with diesel storage and dispensing tanks. According to OFTEC and British Standard BS5410, all fuel and oil storage tanks need to sit on a strong base that extends 300mm minimum beyond the tank’s maximum dimensions. Only a competent, independently accredited electrician should carry out the electrical connections to the tank. RPM Fuels and Tanks and Clarehill Plastics Limited / Harlequin Oil Tanks will not be responsible for fuel tanks that are not installed in a way that meets all the current rules and regulations.




These files include useful information regarding the safe installation and operation of our products. Please download and review regularly.