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Harlequin Transfuel 430 Litre Bunded Portable Diesel Tank


Harlequin Transfuel 430 Litre Bunded Portable Diesel Tank

The Harlequin Transfuel 430 Litre - Portable Diesel Tank - UN Approved for transporting diesel fuel on the highway and for refueling machinery on site.

From £1,085.00 + VAT

£1,302.00Inc VAT


The Harlequin Transfuel Bunded Portable Diesel Tank is a fully bunded, mobile diesel tank of 430 litres capacity with an integral 12 volt diesel pump kit which enables diesel users to re-fuel vehicles and machinery on site instead of having to travel back to base to re-fuel. It complies fully with the very latest UN & ADR regulations relating to the safe and legal transportation of diesel fuels on the highway and because it is fully bunded it also complies fully with the Environment Agency Pollution Prevention Guidelines, PPG2. There is no need for additional bunding.

In accordance with the UN & ADR regulations a driver does not need any additional qualifications to transport the Transfuel Bunded Tank on the highway, however drivers are required to carry a 2kg fire extinguisher.

The Harlequin Transfuel Bunded Tank comes complete with a IP55 weather rated, 12 volt (24 volt available upon request) diesel pump kit capable of up to 50 litres per minute diesel re-fuelling. This comprises of a diesel pump with 4 metres of electrical cable and clips, 4 metres of diesel dispensing hose plus an auto shut off diesel nozzle. The tank also has a diesel tank contents gauge, a tank vent plus an isolation valve. All equipment if stored within a tank cabinet with a cabinet lid.

All in all the Harlequin Transfuel 430 Litre Bunded Portable Diesel Tank is an ideal solution for diesel users, who are on a budget, looking to re-fuel vehicles and machinery while still on site.

Length 1010mm
Width 1260mm
Height 1090mm
Capacity 426 Litres
Empty Weight 110 kg


  • Plastic bodied, corrosion resistant mobile bunded diesel tank
  • Fully enclosed bunded design - no need for additional bunding
  • 12 or 24 Volt, 50 litres/min diesel pump kit - IP55 weather rated
  • 4 metre electrical cable with crocodile clips
  • 4 metres diesel hose
  • Auto shut off diesel nozzle
  • Bypass valve on diesel pump
  • Tank contents fuel gauge
  • Tank vent
  • Suitable for use with diesel, gas oil and red tractor diesel


  • 24 volt diesel transfer pump kit
  • Digital diesel flow meter
  • 20 Litre Spill Kit With Clip Close Bag



These files include useful information regarding the safe installation and operation of our products. Please download and review regularly.

Transfuel Data Sheet.pdf
TL135a TFD430 Spec.pdf